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Learn Particular Bollywood/Western Song(Karaoke Star, Master the song)

What if you could learn any song you wanted? A childhood or pastime favorite? Or a song to impress your loved one, friends or associates? or you want to be the best at upcoming karaoke night??

We understand that you are very choosy when it comes to singing! And you want to master a song or songs without taking any extensive singing lessons! Seems too good to be true! But at Saregama academy we take care of all the music lovers!

Here at Academy you can learn to sing a song from our experts! Whatever genre you follow, our experts are right there for you. But it doesn't end here! what if you had song recording in your own voice!! Saregama Academy gives you opportunity not only to learn your favorite songs but you can also record the song in your voice in our professional recording studio!

The Program involves:

3 Session under the guidance of Celebrity Mentors/Recording under mentor's supervision.

Breathing, warm up and unique vocal exercises of Western vocals

Breathing exercises gives more power in singing. This is the most important part of singing lessons where you learn to control your breath to get best results to use your vocal cords powerfully. With Correct techniques, students can learn to sustain even higher notes without strain, perform without going out of breath and control their vocal articulation and even style of singing.

With good warm up exercises singers can avoid injuring or straining vocal muscles. Warm up exercises also help singers to avoid permanent damage in vocal cords, as well as it helps keep singer's voice strong. Just like any physical exercise, singers need vocal warm up exercise to keep their vocal cords strong.

Western vocal exercises help singers, increase Vocal Range, connects bridges ( bridge between head voice and falsetto ), it helps control and stabilize vocals. Excellent vocal exercise gives students good Mental and Physical conditioning for better performance and recording. Western vocal exercises generally covers entire vocal range which helps to develop a stronger voice in all areas.

Commercial bollywood singing techniques and training light Indian classical vocal training

Ear training

Having good ear is very important part of singing. The major benefit of ear training is to know whether person is singing in a right pitch or not. Apart from this huge ground, ear training adds improvisation to singer's performance. It improves singer's rhythmic skills, Acquires greater musicality, helps to Interact with other musicians, helps Transcribing melodies and chords by ear, helps to compose music, and also transforms a good singer into a really good singer.

Performance training and guidance

The importance of performance skill these days, is essential part of singing. singer has to know how to project his/her voice that is easy to listen to, that holds his/her audiences’ interest and is confident and inspiring. Performance training makes singer more confidant and adds commendable skills to hold the attention of their listeners. It helps to communicate messages clearly to the audience, influence them, it helps to increase self-belief and to overcome nervousness on the stage.

Recording Training (special class by industry tops)

To be a good recording artist is an essential part of singer's profession if he/she want to peruse career in Bollywood industry. Proper recording training and techniques can help singers to record vocals with comfort, physically comfortable, and under no psychological pressure. On yearly visit, our one of the top recording artist will provide students practical demonstration on how to record vocals perfectly with emotion and dynamics.

Audition Guidance

One of the easiest way to get yourself noticed in music industry is to participate in the reality shows. However participating and sustaining your place in the show is two different skills altogether. In audition guidance class singers learn to select proper songs according to their voice type, get professional feedback on the imperfection and strong part of their vocal skills, appearance, personality development, character build up, and sustainability handiness from top mentors of reality shows.

Rhythm Knowledge

Rhythm section is the part, where most of the budding singers lack focus. Hence their rhythm section is majorly poor. Learning different form of time signature to improve timing skills and be creative enough to experiment with more than basic is the part of rhythm training.

Yoga Class (special Yoga and breathing techniques to develop singing ability and confidence)

Song assignment

If anyone wants to be successful singer, learning vocal exercise is important but to become a versatile singer, learning songs of different genres are necessary. Learning songs Improves Memory instantly, brings alertness over beats, Improves vocal Range through attempting higher notes in the songs, gives confidence, preparers singer for the live performance, gives insight of emotion and articulation of the song, learn to master styles of various successful singers and use it to improvise own singing skills.

Song writing

Song writing techniques This class helps singers to become independent artist, helps raise one's creativity. Different songwriting games helps singer to become good songwriter and create songs from random news, lines, poster lines etc. Yearly visit from top lyricist set to encourage students to write more creatively and dynamically and be open to the surrounding environment in order to create songs. Study on the best songs assist students why these songs got popular, what's the hook in the song, and strong lyrics.


Music is a creative art and to expand creativity more every singer must practice composing, not only for personal growth of creativity but to understand other composers well enough to work with them in effortlessness. To know composing structure and to coordinate with music directors easily is main benefit of learning to compose. As well as composing skills makes singer independent artist, expands singing and creativity awareness and also improvise dynamic singing.

Group Singing

Co-Ordination while Singing makes ordinary singer into winning singer. Group singing helps to Focus and Pay Attention on others, builds Healthy relationships between co-singers and fellow musicians, trains singers to solve Problems through Team Work, it balances Energy Levels, as well as boosts Imagination and Intellectual skills on group level.


Music theory helps students understand how a piece of music works. When learning music, students may be curious about how each note was chosen, or why a song sounds the way it does. Music theory can help singers see the thought process of the composer, and understand how the composer would like a certain piece to be played. Students can also use music theory to understand which notes work well together. An understanding of intervals, scales, and keys will help students see why notes are placed together, or why some keys require sharps and flats.

Basic musical instruments training

There are areas of musicianship best developed with an instrument. A piano or guitar give the essentials of melody, harmony, and rhythm in a most solid fashion. The voice can easily be out of tune, so spending time on piano or guitar will help increase singer's ear and allow them to better guide their voice to the correct pitch. Learning basics of instruments also helps carrying vocal exercises by own, improve harmony and melody, rhythm as well as composing skills.

Music software awareness (programming lessons by industry tops)

To put out demo, to release cover or a single, every singer has to go through initial process of showing a song to music director, producer, company or an individual. However its not wise to spend lot of money in the professional studio or pay big sum of money to any programmer. Music software class gives singer's freedom to record vocals at home with very minimal set up. Even basic programming skills gives budding singers liberation to work on their vocals or songs on their own.

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